Calvin Martyr is a U.S. Army veteran who served in Iraq, and one who has traced his lineage all the way back to the motherland and knows for a fact that his direct descendants were in slavery here in America. He is married to his beautiful wife of 9 years and together they have 4 children.

His great great grandfather was born in 1839 and was a slave in Fayetteville. He obtained his freedom, fought in the Civil War, and later became a carpenter. He moved to Maxton, North Carolina where he was affectionately known as Uncle Joe.

His grandfather is a Montford Point Marine and Congressional Medal of Honor recipient. He served in World War II and Vietnam. Today he is 94 years old. More than 20,000 African Americans trained in segregated facilities between 1942 and 1949 at Montford Point, NC, and became the first African-Americans to serve in the United States Marine Corps. Calvin’s father is also a veteran who served in Desert Storm and who is now a Bishop in the Lord’s church with over 25 years in ministry.

Calvin is the CEO of The Blackout Coalition, President of I AM WE GLOBAL a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization, and the founder of one of the top 30 largest Facebook groups in the world with a membership of over 1.7 MIllion. He is prophetic voice of this generation who speaks on all things from a perspective of truth, love, and faith.

Calvin Martyr is an author, activist, CEO, entrepreneur, and musician, who has been recording and playing shows since 2008. As a spiritual voice in his community, his music is marked by passion, transparency, authenticity, and an uncompromising commitment to truth.

With a heavy conviction regarding the cultural woes of our society, coupled with a heart for the broken and oppressed among us, Martyr launched the #BLACKOUTDAY2020 campaign in May of 2020.

Martyr called for a day of empowerment, investment, and economic protest to commence on July 7th, 2020. Over 1 million people answered the call within the first 30 days. The response birthed The Blackout Coalition, the largest pro-solution, non-violent, anti- rioting, social injustice, consequence movement.


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