The Supreme Court Is On The Verge Of Killing The Voting Rights Act


The beginning of the end for the Voting Rights Act started more than 30 years ago. On Oct. 4, the end of the end is likely to begin.

This term, the Supreme Court is hearing a case about whether Alabama’s newly drawn congressional maps violate Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which prohibits voting practices or procedures that discriminate on the basis of race. In a seven-district state, the new maps included only one majority-Black district even though the state has a population that is more than one-quarter Black. The groups challenging the maps say that because it would be relatively easy to draw a map with two majority-Black districts, the state is legally obligated to do so. But Alabama Republicans countered by arguing they don’t have a requirement to use the plaintiffs’ maps, because creating a second majority-Black district would violate other race-neutral criteria used in...

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NAACP requests civil rights probe into Jackson water crisis

By , CNN

The calls to quickly fix Jackson, Mississippi’s water system are growing louder, with the US Justice Department and NAACP demanding not just answers from the state and its capital city, but solutions.

Days after the NAACP wrote Gov. Tate Reeves directly, the civil rights organization submitted a 25-page complaint to the US Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday, requesting “an immediate investigation into the use of federal funds related to drinking water in Jackson and to seek the rapid adoption of comprehensive enforcement remedies.”

Mississippi has discriminated against the predominantly Black residents of Jackson “by diverting federal funds awarded to ensure safe drinking water and unpolluted surface waters and groundwater,” according to the NAACP letter requesting a civil rights...

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#BLACKOUTUNTIL Campaign Calls For Economic Protest

When “they” want to “cancel” someone, they utilize the SAME methodology that #BLACKOUTDAY2020 was all about!

The tried and true methods of #EconomicProtest, #EconomicWithdrawal, & #EconomicSolidarity STILL WORK TODAY in 2022‼

Are WE ready to boycott the ENTIRE holiday season by ONLY buying from black-owned businesses for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, & Christmas⁉


CLEARLY, when the PRESSURE is felt and money is on the line, “they” know how to get someone to retract their words, make an apology, and make amends‼

Well, now WE must apply the pressure like never before so “they” will begin retracting their words, making apologies, and MAKING AMENDS‼

It is time to SACRIFICE and come together, family. WE HAVE WORK TO DO. If you are a member of THE BLACKOUT COALITION…if you are a person of African...

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Sony Issues Update on $100 Million Global Social Justice Fund

By Jem Aswad

At the peak of the Black Lives Matter protests in June of 2020, Sony, along with several other music companies, announced a major commitment to help fight racial and social injustice worldwide — in its case, $100 million.

The company has issued an extensive update on its progress with the Sony Group Global Social Justice Impact Report., which comprises the efforts of Sony Corporation of America, Sony Electronics Inc., Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sony Music Group and Sony Pictures to foster equality, fight racism and champion social justice.

According to the announcement, “While each Sony Group company curates its Fund strategy differently, collectively, we have officially pledged 71% of the total fund to more than 400 community organizations worldwide. Of those grantees, nearly half of the organizations are dedicated to supporting Black communities, and another quarter are focused on uplifting Hispanic/Latinx...

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A Snapshot of Wealth in Africa Is Eye Opening To Diaspora

africa wealth Sep 07, 2022


A Snapshot of Wealth in Africa

The continent of Africa contains more than 50 countries, but just five account for more than half of total wealth on the continent: South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Morocco, and Kenya.

Despite recent setbacks in Africa’s largest economies, wealth creation has been strong in a number of areas, and total private wealth is now estimated to be US$2.1 trillion. There also an estimated 21 billionaires in Africa today.

Drawing from the latest Africa Wealth Report, here’s a look at where all that wealth is concentrated around the continent.

A Country-Level Look at Wealth in Africa

South Africa is a still a major stronghold of wealth in Africa, with a robust luxury real estate market and ample wealth management services. The country is also ranked second on the continent in per capita wealth. That said, the country has faced challenges in recent years.

An estimated 4,500 high net worth individuals (wealth of US$1 million...

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How Social Justice Became a New Religion In America

By Helen Lewis

A quick question. If someone is yelling “repent” at you in the street, are they more likely to be (a) a religious preacher or (b) a left-wing activist?

The answer depends on where you are. Last October, a crowd gathered outside Netflix’s offices in Los Angeles to protest the release of Dave Chappelle’s comedy special The Closer, which contained a long riff criticizing transgender activists. Inevitably, there was a counterprotest: a lonely Chappelle fan holding a sign that read we like dave. This went over badly. Someone took the sign from him and ripped it up. Someone else shouted in his face, and their word choice was notable. The man who liked Dave was urged to “repent.”

A similar sentiment surfaced last month, when students protested the decision of University College London to stop paying Stonewall, an LGBTQ charity, to audit the institution’s compliance with laws on diversity. That decision might...

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Civil rights organization files lawsuit against city officials in Mississippi after fired police chief’s alleged racist and homophobic remarks

civil rights lawsuit police Aug 16, 2022
CNN — 

A civil and human rights advocacy organization has filed suit against officials in Lexington, Mississippi following alleged racist and homophobic remarks from a now-fired police chief, and what plaintiffs allege is targeting behavior from the police department.

The suit was filed “to demand protection for Lexington’s largely Black population from the very police department that ostensibly exists to keep them safe but in reality has terrorized residents,” according to a press release from JULIAN, the advocacy organization involved.

In July, former Lexington Police Chief Sam Dobbins was fired over a leaked audio recording. In the audio, according to the lawsuit, Dobbins can be heard using racist and homophobic slurs. Dobbins was a White chief in a majority-Black city.


Dobbins told the Mississippi Center for Investigative Reporting, which first reported the story of the leaked audio, that he was unaware of a recording and denied using...

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EPA Contemplates Cumulative Impact Guidance for Civil Rights

civil rights epa justice Aug 11, 2022

by Stephen Lee

The EPA is developing a framework to guide how it will consider cumulative impacts as a possible civil rights violation, an agency official said Thursday.

Low-income people of color have voiced concerns about cumulative effects of agency decisions because many of their communities have been home to multiple, overlapping pollution sources for decades. But such an approach risks provoking criticism from businesses arguing they shouldn’t be responsible for the total burdens of environmental harms, including those that can’t be pinned directly on them.

The work must be done within a civil rights context, meaning “it’s not necessarily going to sweep in the whole host of what we, as environmental health advocates, would like to see in a holistic cumulative impact” analysis, said Anhthu Hoang, an attorney in the EPA’s Region 2 air program.

Nevertheless, “insofar as reaching back in time to remedy historical discrimination,...

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Largest U.S. Fund Announces $3M In Grants For Black History Sites

The African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund (AACHAF), a program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, announces $3 million in grant funding to protect and preserve sites representing African American history. This Action Fund is the largest U.S. resource dedicating resources to the preservation of African American historic places, with more than $80 million in funding. Since its creation in 2017, the Action Fund has supported 160 places through its National Grant Program with a total investment of $12.4 million.

Brent Leggs, Executive Director, African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund, and Senior Vice President of The National Trust for Historic Preservation shares that “The cultural landscapes and historic buildings in this year’s list showcase the breadth and depth of African American life, history, and architecture across generations.”

This year’s list further demonstrates the beauty and complexity of African...

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Bill Russell, a superior athlete and Civil Rights activist of old

Bill Russell had more rings than he had fingers, and a cluster of awards to fill the walls of his entire house. But awards and statistics tell only a portion of this NBA Hall of Famer, who died peacefully Sunday, according to a statement from his family. He was 88. 

One line in the statement from his family spoke volumes about his achievements: he was the most prolific winner in American sports history. They were making reference to Russell’s incomparable 11 NBA titles with the Boston Celtics, eight of them consecutively, thereby surpassing the New York Yankees’ five straight World Series championships; and the Montreal Canadiens’ five straight Stanley Cup titles.

 Few could speak with absolute authority of Russell’s prowess like Red Auerbach, his coach and mentor. For him Russell was “the single most devastating force in the history of the game.” There is a long list of numbers to back up this comment, including five-time NBA MVP and...

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