Thank you for your interest in Volunteering with

The Blackout Coalition's Boots On The Ground Initiative. 

There are a variety of ways to assist as we moderate our platforms, structure our outreach, and mobilize our efforts.  Please click below to answer a few questions to ensure you are matched with a project that best suits your capabilities.


TBC’s Boots On the Ground is the mobile arm of the Blackout Coalition, the fastest-growing, pro-solution, non-violent, social injustice consequence movement.

We believe that by mobilizing within our communities we will raise awareness as we deliver the resources and services that will strengthen the community creating an environment of self-reliance, sustainability, and empowerment.

We exist to serve those in our communities that suffer economic disparities, those that cannot help
themselves, as well as the community businesses that wish to bridge the economic gap.

We have mobilized to be the change, and organize peoples of the African diaspora and three key ways:

• Providing local resources to feed clothe and empower our community.
• Stabilizing the economic health through business partnerships In group investment opportunities.
• Educating our communities on the importance of self-sustainability through available resources
and community activities.

Our mobilization is solutions-oriented and action-based. We have begun proactively mobilizing TBC's
Boots On the Ground to unify global citizens towards our collective common goal.

As we mobilize, we will create awareness within the community, set attainable goals, organize and
participate in local events, build relationships with community leaders, and partner with like-minded organizations to facilitate our efforts.

Through partnerships with our communities, we will develop effective strategies and action plans to
foster the local needs. As we establish these relationships and expand our outreach, we will
intentionally build the foundation for community and economic empowerment.