Are you a business owner who seeks enlightenment,
inspiration, and transformation EVEN in your marketing...

BUT you don't know where to get started?

More than likely, your problem is you do not understand The Philosophy & Psychology of Organic Marketing & Sales and you get anxious when thinking about how to put yourself out there in the digital world.

The name of the game is digital real estate and the goal is to create digital products that create digital residual. That is why in this age of technology if you are not seen you are not heard in the mind of the consumer.

Your end result is you losing business. You become a statistic and your company suffers a major loss.

Here at Martyr’s Mastermind Marketing we guide your brand or business from zero to little marketing to a recognizable brand that has built a niche fan-based following.

We are here to help!


Your Benefits As A

Mastermind Marketing Member


All of these membership benefits are automatically included with your membership.

Now is the time to end your cyclical experience of frustration and confusion...

All because you don't understand what direction to take and it's very hard to switch mental gears to figure out the difficulty of marketing for your business in addition to you building it.

You don't know what to do to make things change. You are bleeding money.

You've tried different marketing campaigns with no results.

STOP spending your money, STOP losing your time, STOP wasting your effort... to spread visibility about
your business with blind faith and crossed fingers.

STOP pouring yourself into ad spends that not only do
not guarantee you results but slowly rob you of your business dreams and aspirations from failed campaign after failed campaign.

There is a better way.

That's why we created

Martyr’s Mastermind Marketing

Designed to produce:

✅ Quantifiable results without emptying out your bank account
✅ Countless click-thrus to your products without using sleazy tactics
✅ Ultimate views on your videos without you having to alter your identity to be likable
✅ A steady flow of traffic on your website without spending time trying to crack the code alone
✅ Increased sales conversions without having to reduce and sell your offers for pennies
✅ Email lists growth without having to share a lead magnet with everyone you meet
✅ Raised engagement between you and your fans and followers without feeling overwhelmed

The fear of the entire process of social media marketing to generate organic traffic & sales is gone.  


About me...

I am the founder of The Blackout Coalition Facebook group, the 37th largest online Facebook community.

I built this highly-active private group from zero to 1 million members in less than 30 days! For me, the art of storytelling is the art of sales.

Marketing is being able to sell without the interpersonal connection of in-person sales.

Sales is the transference of energy. The energy I carry is one of gratitude, joy, peace, and contentment. I know that you can't transfer belief that results in action -- for example, a customer purchasing your product -- if you are not full of these four.

I inspire and teach this truth: that your customer can always tell when you as a salesman are desperate, doubting, and indebted.

I guide my students to become the salesmen that people will gladly purchase from ... the type who connects with their customer's hearts first.


Are you ready to learn The Philosophy & Psychology of Organic Marketing?